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Working towards improving Hamilton's air quality!
   — The Hamilton Air Monitoring Network (HAMN) - Point source air quality monitoring network for the City of Hamilton. Real-Time Hamilton Air Quality Data Reporting.

About Us

About HAMN
   — HAMN represents participating industries in Hamilton that are committed to carrying out air quality monitoring as part of the MOE’s Source Emissions Monitoring program.

Hamilton Air Monitoring Network
   — HAMN - Hamilton Air Monitoring Network -Map of locations real-time Air Quality Monitoring stations. Continuous and non-continuous air monitoring stations are identified.

Member Companies
   — The Hamilton Air Monitoring Network (HAMN) is comprising 22 local companies committed to assessing, monitoring the air quality in Hamilton on a regular basis as part of the MOE's Source Emissions Monitoring program.

HAMN Organizational Structure
   — Hamilton Air Monitoring Network's organizational structure consists of two committees; a Steering Committee and a Technical Sub-working Group.


Hamilton Air Quality Monitoring and Reporting
   — The HAMN website provides real-time Air Quality Monitoring and Airborne Pollution Monitoring for Hamilton Ontario on behalf of the Ministry of the Environment Ontario.

Air Quality Summary Reporting
   — Hamilton Air Quality Statistics - Hamilton Air Monitoring Network's Annual Reports contain an overview of historical trends for major air pollutants as well as a summary of any special studies carried out during the monitoring year.

5 Minute Data Export
   — 5 Minutes historical Hamilton Annual Air Quality Summary Reports provided by the Hamilton Air Monitoring Network.

Meaning of Abbreviations and Terms
   — Glossary of air pollution terminology, meanings of air pollutant abbreviations and terms provided by the Hamilton Air Monitoring Network. (HAMN).

Airborne Pollutants

Airborne Pollutant Overview
   — Description of Criteria Air Contaminants (CAC) and some related pollutants such as sulphur dioxide (SO2), total reduced sulphur (TRS), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), nitric oxides (NO), oxides of nitrogen (NOx), and inhalable particulate matter (PM10)

   — Listing of Hamilton and Ontario Air Monitoring and Air Quality Resource Websites courtesy of the Hamilton Air Monitoring Netowrk

   — HAMN -Hamilton Air Monitoring Network updates and news regarding changes and improvements to Hamilton's Air Quality Monitoring Network.

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   — Hamilton Air Monitoring Network website directory and table of contents

Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons Monitoring Stations
   — Monitoring Stations PHA

Volatile Organic Compounds Monitoring Stations
   — Volatile Organic Compounds Monitoring Stations

Total Suspended Particulates Monitoring Stations
   — Total Suspended Particulates Monitoring Report