Station 29567 has been Re-located nearby and Renamed to Station 29667

Effective May 15th 2023, Station 29567 will be re-located from our present location at Niagara St and Land St. This station will be moved to our new location at Wentworth St N and Land St. The new Station identification number will be 29667.

Construction activities on the present site required HAMN to look for an alternative sampling location. Although data is presently being collected from our new location, this new data will not be available on the HAMN website until software upgrades are completed.

STN 29567 has been operating in this area for over 35 years. HAMN goal in selecting a new location was to maintain data integrity of our historical data collected over the last 35 years. Distance from the source and critical wind directions were two factors used in determining the best suitable location.

HAMN  Air Monitoring Station Map 2023

Presently, HAMN is collecting data at the new location (Station 29667). Software changes to our HAMN Website application program is required before we can post the data on-line.

HAMN  Air Monitoring Station 29667 Relocated